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Who are we?

The DINAN TANGO association created in Dinan on March 2, 2024 aims to contribute to the development and influence of Argentine tango activities, particularly in Dinan and its region. For the members of DINAN TANGO, it is a recreational and extra-professional occupation, for personal development, allowing an amateur practice of Argentine tango and any related activity.


Our history

It begins with a first edition of the Dinan Tango festival, organized in 2023 by the Générations Tango association.

This first success acclaimed by Dinan and its region, its inhabitants, its traders, the team of indigenous volunteers and by festival-goers from different regions of France but also from Chile, Portugal, England, Argentina, Austria, England, ...

gives birth to the association

Dinan Tango, eponym.

Our dedicated and supportive volunteers


Marie-Pierre, Jean, Philippe, Eliane, Catherine, Philippe, Marie-Madeleine, Robert, Maryvonne, Régine, Jean-Yves, Elo, Millette, Pascale, Guy, Luz, Christian, Patrick,...

We are a team of retirees (or almost) full of cheerfulness and enthusiasm, we give our time, our energy, our know-how to organize, prepare, manage the festive, warm but also studious moments that offer the DINAN TANGO association.

The time the world is going through is difficult.

We are convinced that by spreading our good humor, we manage to make times better.

And it's so much easier to learn by smiling.

Our masters

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Tango brings them together, on a magical night like so many nights in the city of Buenos Aires, on the dance floor of the “Nino Bien” milonga. Since then, their deep feelings and their style full of poetry have accompanied them throughout the world they travel together.

Their rapid fusion as dance partners of a well-defined style allowed them to expand their talents as dancers, teachers and choreographers.

Lovers of Tango, in its purity and deep essence, they seek to transmit it through their dance, their teaching and their artistic generosity.

Endowed with great sensitivity, this magnetic couple awakens a bouquet of emotions. Today they are recognized as one of the best tango couples internationally, as evidenced by their numerous tours in different cities in the United States, Italy and Japan or their participation, as a special guest at the best tango show in Buenos Aires. “Esquina Carlos Gardel”.

From 2017 to 2020, a new great and successful experience led them to open a Dinner Show restaurant in the town of Posadas, Misiones, where they offer tango shows and live music shows.

After the city of Alicante, in Spain, they are now in Paris where they give courses and from where they travel to host seminars and/or shows.

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