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Oscar Mandagaran
Georgina Vargas

More than thirty years of artistic and didactic career are difficult to sum up, but we can say that Oscar and Georgina form a couple of maestros who love to teach. Authors of 17 didactic DVDs and a Youtube channel, they have performed on the best tango stages and houses in Buenos Aires.
A dancer with the famous Forever Tango company, with which he traveled the world for seven years, Oscar performed in the famous Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires. He also danced with the National Folklore Ballet, and he appeared in the film Tango, by Carlos Saura.
Since 2006, Oscar and Georgina have been spreading a milonguero artistic style, where the didactic and expressive emphasis is placed on connection, emotion, harmony and quality of movement.

Georgina Vargas

Georgina Vargas, Uruguayan, dancer and singer since a young age, cultivates her two passions.
In 2006, she recorded her first CD “Por Esos Tango” in Buenos Aires, which presents a repertoire of characteristic and very traditional tangos; these tangos recall the style of the famous Uruguayan singer Nina Miranda, who presents herself as Georgina's artistic godmother in particular for the expressive and vocal similarity.
In 2014, as an author and composer, she recorded her first album of Tangos, Waltzes and Milonga, which focuses on love, “Messages of love to dance”. Then in 2015, she recorded her third album “Inolvidables” presenting well-known songs from the tango repertoire.
In Buenos Aires, she sang on the stages of several theaters and in traditional milongas; she also performs with different orchestras in many places in Europe, managing to combine dancing and singing in the same show.

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