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After your registration, don't forget to buy your passes and tickets via the Helloasso box office (preferably).

Each festival-goer fills out a form and pays for the corresponding passes or tickets. He receives his ticket by email via the Helloasso ticket office.


Couple registrations are only effective after the registration of both partners and the payment of the corresponding pass or tickets.

The identifier " leader, follower or two roles " makes it possible to follow (without absolute guarantee) the parity of the various couple activities offered during the festival,  the milongas and courses :

  • Solo dancers are placed on a waiting list.

  • The registration of another solo dancer makes it possible to form " couples of dancers" according to the roles -leader/follower/two roles, specified on the application form. 'registration ; the “ couple of dancers ” formed, only meets the objective of balance leaders/followers.

  • The formation of “ couples of dancers ” is carried out in the order of registration.


In the event that this waiting list becomes too large, future registrations may be confirmed by email in addition to the confirmation sent by Helloasso when paying for passes and tickets​

No refunds will be made after the start of the festival.

Inscrivez-vous et identifiez votre partenaire.jpg


Registration as a couple is preferable

Please complete the information below so that we can identify you, track your registration and payment and welcome you as best as possible.

Thank you for what you sent; don't forget to validate your registration by continuing and purchasing your passes and/or tickets via Helloasso by clicking the button below

Participants have the right to access and rectify their personal data. The information is intended exclusively for the Dinan Tango association, for non-commercial purposes.

Participants who do not authorize the Dinan Tango association to use their image on any medium in the context of promoting the association's activities are invited to notify the organizers when they arrive at the festival.

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